Get your shit together and get online, witch.

Tarot readers, astrologers, holistic workers, herbalists, and witchy bloggers... now is the time to have your own website and own your content.

Stop spinning your wheels dealing with social media and relying on the algorithm!

Take control now and start sharing your magic with the world on your own fucking website.

Go from overwhelmed by choices to confidently online.

Learn exactly what you need to just get your fucking website online, already.

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    Patricia Ryan Lee


    Tarot Reader.

    Website Maker.

    Who am I?

    A serial entrepreneur and web developer with over 25 years experience.

    I make #websitesforwitches

    What will you learn?

    • How to secure your website name & social media handles
    • How to pick colors, fonts, pictures and move on
    • What content you actually fucking need (it's a lot less than you think!) and where to put it
    • What tools you need to get started now, no matter what your site is about: payment processors, website makers, email marketing, and more.